When a cooling system upgrade is hotter?

Winter is a strange time to be touting the benefits of a cooling system upgrade, but it turns out it is not so strange after all.

The Paradox by Design cooling system upgrade kits function by creating a flow path for the normally stagnant coolant at the back of the block and heads. This stagnant coolant overheats because it is not in the main flow path of the cooling system. By balancing the temperatures across the block, that superheated coolant blends with the rest of he coolant across the engine. So where did the heat go? Well it actually raises the temperatures of the front two cylinders which normally run too cold. But an added benefit is that the engine sees that temperature across the entire block so you reach operating temperatures faster. You also see cabin heat quicker as well because of this.

So yes a cooling system upgrade can help you in the cold winter too! 

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