About Us

Paradox by Design is the brainchild of a long career in the automotive world starting at the ripe age of 16 in California when we started racing cars with the SCCA.  Our first pro driving seat happened just six months later in prototypes, and lasted for two seasons.  Later we started to develop GT cars with a limited budget and nothing more than a drive to succeed.  Then seeking degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Business and later Aviation Operations and Aviation Management led to more advanced capabilities. During this period we continued to race self-built cars in several GT racing classes with SCCA, POC, PCA and FIA.  We later went on to work in the motorsports industry with companies like Porsche Motorsports, Eaton, Garrett and others.  Much time was spent developing cutting edge fuel injection technology and using advanced engine dynamics theory to engineer many systems in use today by top level motorsports teams.  

The same level of commitment to the Motorsports industry is now being focused on the HMMWV, CUCV and other military vehicles and their civilian counterparts like the Hummer H1 and Chevy/GMC 6.2 and 6.5 Diesel trucks.  As avid offroad enthusiasts, we are constantly improving on these vehicles for this purpose and to make them better on the street too.  As we develop these improvements we eventually end up offering them to our friends and customers to enjoy as well.  Never willing to settle for good enough is our personal motto and as such the products developed are often out of the box solutions to long since abandoned issues.

Look for more innovative products in the months and years to come!